About these Mandalas

Inspired by a twin interest in design and energetic dimensions, these designs blend sacred geometry with representations of the many dimensional realms that we inhabit. Their vibrant presence can encourage reflection, energize a space, or refocus energy.

Inner Light Mandalas can be used in your personal practice, to enliven studio, office or practice space, or enhance your home. You can send dynamic energy to loved ones with mandala greeting cards, and use the cards and card decks in your personal practice.

Inner Light Mandala wall art hangs in meditation rooms, yoga studios, treatment rooms, offices and homes around the world.

What are Mandalas?

The word “mandala” originated from the Sanskrit, meaning “disk” or “circle.” In Hindu and Buddhist cultures, a mandala is a representation of the universe, usually a square form containing one or many circles, a center point, and additional elements detailing the cosmology being portrayed.

It has been observed that the square/circle/center point representation is common to many cultures, sometimes containing additional geometrical and representational elements. Its meaning and purpose can vary, from symbolizing the history of a society, the life journey of a person, or a tool to access various states of consciousness or dimensional realities.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is the representation of various relationships and ratios. The resultant shapes and solids symbolize both these relationships, and cosmological ideas from the cultures whence these geometries arose. These geometries are also identified as mirrors of how universal order is portrayed, as seen on a cosmic scale in the spiral of a galaxy, or on a human scale in the whorl pattern of a flower or structure of a seashell.

The Artist

Artist Cynthia Lapp on drawing mandalas:¬† “Building on a life-long¬†exploration of the various energeitc levels that we represent, I draw these mandalas to bridge between our physical, three-dimensional world and our awareness of and connection to other dimensional realms. The mandalas are gateways or keys for people to expand their awareness, their capacity, their joy.”

Inner Light Mandalas

Inner Light Mandalas is a division of Transluminous Press in Duluth, Minnesota, USA, where the north woods meet ancient bedrock on the shores of Lake Superior.