A Universal Love Yantra

Yantras have come into my mandala-focus recently. This image is a universal love yantra.

A yantra is a diagram, or physical manifestation, of a vibration used for focusing intention. Similar to a mantra, which is a sound vibration used for focusing intention, a yantra carries the focusing intention in a physical vibration.

Like a mandala, a yantra can also contain geometric elements. Syllabic characters from the Sanskrit language, numbers, and other elements are often included. You could say a yantra is a form of mandala.

In this yantra, the red outline is called the bhupura. It marks the limit of the design. The bhupura can be a metaphor for the physical extent of a temple plan, or the human body. In the middle is a point called the bindu, meaning point or dot, which symbolizes cosmic unity and ultimate potential.

Other elements include the six-pointed star, symbolic in such diverse spiritual systems as Islam, Jewish Mysticism, Tantra, and Wicca. There are eight lotus petals around the hexagram, and eight more inside.

Bob Fickes taught a workshop in Minneapolis in August focusing on this universal love yantra. I experienced powerful heart openings in the course. I connected with the yantra we used, and have created this version of the universal love yantra that is now available in cards and wall art.

Enjoy and be love!

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